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Fixed/loose flange wall sleeve made from stainless steel

for retrofit dowelling for black tank according to DIN 18533

FLFA DIN18533 A2

For dowelling with wall sleeves, core drills or breakthroughs.


Application range:

  • DIN 18533 W2.1-E, DIN 18533 W2.2-E


  • Tailor-made designs can also be produced
  • Also available with multiple entries and in a variety of diameters

Scope of delivery:

  • Fixed/loose flange wall sleeve
  • Bolts and nuts M20 (DIN 18533)
  • Fastenings for concrete


  • Design according to DIN 18533 includes: underground structural components. Standard fixed flange Øa equal to the relevant wall sleeve Øi + approx. 330 mm (for one passage; see brochure for details)
  • Standard upper length: 80 mm


  • Fixed/loose flange wall sleeve: stainless steel V2A (AISI 304L) or V4A (AISI 316L)
  • Fastenings: V4A (AISI 316L)
  • Closing cover: PE


  • Gastight and watertight

Installation instructions

Test reports

Data sheet & tender specification

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* the loose flange is supplied in a split version

Wall sleeve ID (mm) D1Fixed flange OD (mm) D2Loose flange OD (mm) D3Optimal application range OD (mm)Max. possible application range ∅ (mm)Wall sleeve wall thickness (mm) SOrder ref.Article no.
804053950 – 500 – 562FLFA1x80/80/0 DIN18533 A22500400001
1004254150 – 630 – 762FLFA1x100/80/0 DIN18533 A22500400002
12545044063 – 900 – 1012FLFA1x125/80/0 DIN18533 A22500400003
15047546590 – 1120 – 1252FLFA1x150/80/0 DIN18533 A22500400004
200528518110 – 1620 – 1712FLFA1x200/80/0 DIN18533 A22500400005
250*578568160 – 2100 – 2142FLFA1x250/80/0 DIN18533 A22500400006
300*630620200 – 2250 – 2502FLFA1x300/80/0 DIN18533 A22500400007
350*680670225 – 2700 – 3103FLFA1x350/80/0 DIN18533 A22500400008
400*730720270 – 3200 – 3503FLFA1x400/80/0 DIN18533 A22500400009


Number of pipes:1-5
Inner diameter of pipe sockets:mm

Upper length:mm80-1000
Lower length:mm0-1000
Stainless steel quality:
Application range: Design according to DIN 18533 includes:
Underground structural components

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