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Here at Hauff-Technik, downtime isn't something we're familiar with. We're constantly developing our products further to make them better for you, our customers. You'll find the most important news about our range of products here.
Product news

Modular seal available in new sizes

Our modular seal available in new sizes with integrated assembly control is now also available for media pipes from a diameter of 21.3 mm.
Due to the integrated assembly control , no torque spanner is required, as well as no retightening of the screws.
Another advantage of our GKD is …
Product news

Rationalisation in fibre optic expansion - with the G-Box

In keeping with the motto "fibre optic expansion rethought", we are rethinking the existing procedures and processes for network expansion and are beginning to streamline the workflows and processes with the G-Box.

Currently, the necessary connection rates are only just being …
Product news

Trenchless construction of fibre optic house connections with the MIS60 NoDig

The trenchless installation of fibre optic house connections is more topical than ever in the brownfield sector.
Hauff-Technik presents you with complete solutions that bring the following advantages:

no civil engineering work on the property
applicable in all buildings with basements
u …
Product news

Above-ground house entry - OHE

The above-ground house entry is suitable for fibre-optic conduits from 7 - 12 mm.
It is used for the above-ground insertion and sealing of fibre optic cables through the wall.

The OHE convinces with the following advantages:

suitable for all common wall types
ensures that the …
Product news

KG-FIX available in new size

The Hauff wall collar KG-FIX is now also available for a waste water pipe of diameter 125 mm. The water stop flange is used for the pressurised water-tight binding of wastewater pipes in floor slabs and can be installed quickly and without tools.
Product news

Hauff foil sleeves – gastight, airtight, radon-proof

The new Hauff foil sleeveprovide secure connection of entries through the slab to a radon foil, vapour barrier foil or other seal on the slab. The sleeves are suitable for many entries through base slab, as conductors, waste water pipelines, cable duct hoses etc. In connection …
Product news

Assembly Challenge

In our new assembly challenge we pit the cold shrink-fit method against the hot shrink-fit method.
Both variants have their benefits. The cold shrink sleeve can be assembled without the need for tools. The cold shrink-fit method can only be used outside of buildings, however the …
Product news

What does the future hold?

Although you could use the G-Box as a chopping board, a skipping rope or even an engagement ring, fibre optic expansion is where it really comes into its own. It is part of the new fibre optic product line from Hauff-Technik, developed to bring greater speed, simplicity and …
Product news

Assembly Challenge

In our second battle our students - second semester against fourth semester - compete against each other.
The products HRD SG and HRK SSG are in direct comparison.
In the Assembly Challenge you can see which product can be assembled faster.